Candy Box

Candy Box

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  • Rp15,000


Size: 13.5 x 7 x 7 cm (Height: 7 cm)

Price per piece , already incl. ribbon


1.PLEASE ADD "CUSTOM DESIGN FEE IDR 50,000" to cart when checking out, otherwise your order WILL NOT BE PROCEED.

2.Custom design fee IDR 50,000 is charged only ONCE ( 1 theme/design ) for all products (except for banner & first year board), so if you order more than 1 custom product, you only need to add "CUSTOM DESIGN FEE IDR 50,000" ONCE as long as it's the same theme. 

3.If you also order for FIRST YEAR BOARD or BANNER BACKDROP product, the design fee will follow the higher fee (CUSTOM DESIGN FEE IDR 75,000 or IDR 150,000 for BANNER BACKDROP) instead of CUSTOM DESIGN FEE IDR 50,000.

4. Please chat us first to know about the queue for custom order at the time. Since there's queue for custom orders, your order will have to follow our current queue. NO RUSH ORDERS will be accepted. 


1. E-mail (We will send you the draft design in 2 x 24 hrs working days), if you've approved the design then we'll proceed with printing.

2. Details such as theme, name, and other details you want to have in the design.

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